Deco Audio Products GOVERNOR Evolution AC turntable power supply

Deco Audio Products GOVERNOR Evolution AC turntable power supply

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*The next UK batch will be built in early 2024, please contact us if you would like to be put in the queue (no deposit required) for first refusal*

The GOVERNOR is a turntable power supply suitable for a wide variety of turntables that use AC motors that do not feature their own electronic power supply.

The Governor has been used with many turntables to date, a list of models it either has been used with or will work with is here

Why use a turntable power supply?

The rotational speed of an AC (Alternating Current) turntable motor is dictated by the frequency of the AC waveform that it is supplied with. Whilst the mains supply has to average 50Hz over a 24 hour period (so that clocks keep correct time), it can and does vary slightly throughout the day. It also not a pure sine wave, it has distortion and noise too which causes motors to vibrate more than they should. Added to this, not all turntables run perfectly to speed due to manufacturing tolerances, drive system slip, wear and tear. So a power supply can bring three main benefits, consistent speed, accurate speed adjustment and much reduced motor vibration and noise.

About the design of the GOVERNOR

Named in reference to the famous James Watt Governor (a mechanical speed regulator), our turntable power supply is suitable for use with almost all turntables that use AC motors that are normally fed from the mains 220v-240v in Europe (or 110v in some other countries) power supply that do not have their own electronic power supplies.

The GOVERNOR Evolution is a ‘mains regenerative’ power supply that converts the incoming AC (Alternating Current) mains is rectified and smoothed into DC (Direct Current) via a large capacity conventional linear power supply, stripping away the noise and distortion. Then an entirely new adjustable analogue AC waveform is generated. This generated waveform is a very accurate sine wave, with low distortion and noise, the benefits this brings include improved speed stability as well as reduced motor vibration (noise = vibration to a motor). The waveform is amplified by an audio grade amplification circuit (and yes, you can hear the component quality used, which is why we have carefully selected key components) with final step up for the output provided by a substantial output transformer. The overall design has large power capability making it suitable for almost all turntable motors regardless of size.

So, as I’d hope you’d expect from us, there’s no digital waveform generation, switching power supplies or switching amplification used in the design!

Improvements will vary from turntable to turntable and location to location, but the reduction in distortion and noise is likely to bring blacker backgrounds, improved low level resolution and overall sound quality. The consistent speed stability will help with musical timing, and the adjustable speed allows for correction of pitch as required. 

The design has been made to be as universal as possible - naturally we cannot foresee every possible combination, but we have engineered this product with tremendous flexibility and a large power capability, so it should work with almost any AC motor turntable. Simply plug the turntable into the mains outlet socket on the rear of the power supply and you’re ready to go.

Fine speed adjustment* and variable output voltage are included, enabling you to tweak it to get the best performance in your system.

*Strobe disc or other speed measuring device required, not included.

This product is made with a long intended life expectancy, with over rated components and the key parts are produced within the UK (casework, transformers etc), and the unit is hand built in our facility in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. 

Whilst not labelled as such, this original GOVERNOR is effectively an Evolution level product within our range hierarchy.


Dimensions: (excluding connectors) 345mm Deep, 230mm wide, 95mm high

Weight unpacked: 5.5kg

Weight packed: 6.7kg


UK/EU Version Input Voltage: 220v-240v

UK/EU Output Voltage: Approximately 20v To 240v (for use with turntables intended for use with 220v-250v 50Hz mains only)

UK Version features 13A UK mains output socket

EU Version features Schuko mains output socket (others may be available to special order)

US Version Input Voltage 110v

US Version Output Voltage: Approx 20v to 110v (for use with turntables intended for use with 110v 60Hz mains only.

US Version features multi output socket


Max power output: conservatively rated at 30 watts

*Specifications are subject to change without notice