About Us

Deco Audio Products is a range of hi-fi equipment produced and sold entirely through our retail business Deco Audio (www.decoaudio.com), both online on this website and at our premises in Aylesbury, where the products are actually produced.

We started production as we were already custom building items for our customers that we felt simply didn't exist on the market, and over time it became clear that there was a need in the market for very high performance products at very reasonable prices. Scaling up production would allow us to reduce costs even further so that we could pass these savings on. 

Our products follow a similar philosophy throughout. For the audio signal path we use simple valve circuits (no transistors or FETs), no global feedback, linear power supplies and pure class A circuitry.

We are very mindful that parts quality is critical to performance, and so the choice is carefully selected and auditioned to ensure our products offer the best performance for their price. 

Our range offers a consistency of performance throughout, but as the financial constraints are removed as you go up the range there are improvements in many areas including musicality, tonality, dynamics and resolution.

We believe in developing products through extensive listening, whilst measuring equipment is used throughout the process, the emotional connection with the music is always our only priority. 

Whilst we would love for you to have an all Deco Audio Products system, our items have actually been intended to be used in as many different setups as possible, so you can introduce a single item of ours into almost any existing system without fear of an electrical mismatch, primarily thanks to our novel switchable output stage design.

We are proud to manufacture all our products in our workshop in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Wherever reasonably possible parts are sourced within the UK.

Deco Audio is a trading name of Note Audio Ltd (registration number 987999601), at Kempson Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8UQ, United Kingdom.

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