Governor Evolution Compatibility List

The Governor Evolution is a powerful turntable power supply, making it near universal for turntables with AC motors that do not have their own internal or  electronic power supply (you can often spot a deck with an internal electronic power supply as it will offer electronic speed switching). 

It is not intended to be used with turntables with DC motors or Direct Drive (although there's a whole other conversation to be had about whether they will benefit from being run with a clean supply from the Governor, just without use of its other features!)

This is a far from exhaustive list of turntables that the Governor Evolution can or has been used with (that would be many pages long), but hopefully gives you an idea of the breadth of models it will work with. It is unashamedly a UK centric list as those are the models we're most familiar with.

If you have any other models to add don't hesitate to let us know.

*If in doubt about the suitability with your turntable please ask!*

-Acoustic Research, Legend, The AR Turntable, EB101 and many other models (possibly the only model that is not suitable is the ETL-1)

-Audio Note TT1 and TT2

-Clear Audio original AC motor turntables (Champion, Emotion)

-Connoisseur BD1, BD2

-Dual 504, 505 etc 

-Edwards Audio all models

-Garrard 301, 401 and too many others to list easily

-Goldring Probably all models, especially all the idler drive designs

-Kuzma Models with AC motors and no external power supply

-Lenco L75 and many others (basically all idler drive models and the earlier belt drive models)

-Linn Basik, and the original LP12 Sondek Basik (not Valhalla models unless modified)

-Manticore Mantra (versions without outboard power supply)

-Michell Focus, Mycro, Syncro, Gyrodec (AC motor models only and you will need to use the original step down transformer in combination with the Governor)

-NAD 533, 5120

-Nottingham Analogue All models that do not come with a separate power supply (so Horizon, Mentor, Space Deck, Ace Space, Hyper Space, Interspace, original Dias).

-Rega Planet, Planar 1, Planar 2 and Planar 3, P2, P3, P5 and many derivatives - basically it can be used with all models that do not have the TT-PSU/Neo as standard. Modern models will need to use the original Rega 'wall wart' step down transformer in combination with the Governor.

-Roksan Radius 5

-Systemdek Transcription, II, IIX (but not the IIX'E'  and IV 'E' versions),

-Thorens All idler models, TD124, TD150, TD160 and many others (but not the TD125 and later DC motor models).  

-Townshend Rock, Elite (but not the Rock Reference)

-Wilson Benesch Circle