Deco Audio Products MAINS Standard Power Cable

Deco Audio Products MAINS Standard Power Cable

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The MAINS Standard power cable uses un-plated annealed multi strand copper conductors with a high quality shield, which helps reduce noise being introduced into the cable, and emitted into the surrounding area. The conductors are 2.5mm square which gives a low impedance supply making them ideal for everything from sources through to power amplification.

Despite the extensive shielding it is still quite flexible and can be bent around a reasonably tight radius if required.

This is a cable we've been making informally for many years and felt it was about time we made it more commonly available. We find it to be a very neutral cable and despite its reasonable price it performs very well when used in systems many times its value.  

The MAINS Standard is available with UK (13A), US (Nema) and EU (Schuko) mains plugs and C13 IEC at a length of 1.5m. Ultimately we may add additional lengths, so do let us know if you require something else.