Deco Audio Products CURVE Ultimate phono stage

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The CURVE Ultimate MM phono stage is, as the name suggest, the top tier version of our phono stage. The design uses a classic passive RIAA EQ network bookended between the triodes in an ECC82, with an ECC83 in our novel switchable cathode follower output stage. 

What makes the CURVE Ultimate special is that we've taken both power supply design and component quality to their logical conclusion. The power supply, the heart of any piece of audio electronics, features an oversized low noise toroidal transformer. The HT supply is rectified by an EZ80 valve with twin choke (inductor) smoothing featuring high quality smoothing capacitors, allowing the design to realise the wide and instantaneous dynamics available from your LPs. 

Component quality is very close to 'cost no object' with some of the finest passive components available. It includes tantalum resistors and many copper in oil film capacitors in both the RIAA EQ network and the output stage. The wiring is our own pure silver design and the RCA sockets are silver plated. Even the solder used to put it together with has a high silver content, chosen for its fine sound quality. Naturally our standard non ferrous aluminium chassis also plays a part in the open and transparent sound of our phono stages.

If you have a low/normal output MC cartridge then we would recommend using it with the STEP Ultimate MC step up transformer (coming in 2024).

The sound of the CURVE Ultimate has a grain free refinement, poise and delicacy rarely heard elsewhere combined with superb dynamics, natural tonality and outright slam making it great for music lovers with varied tastes as it just doesn't excel (and therefore favour) one area, we feel it does everything exceptionally well.



Input: MM

Input Impedance: 47k Ohms

Dimensions: (excluding connectors) 345mm Deep, 230mm wide, 95mm high

Weight unpacked: TBC

Weight packed: TBC